Traditional publishing doesn’t really work anymore. It’s nearly impossible to get a publishing deal and self publishing on your own can require large upfront costs and a lot of effort that could lead to minimal success. If you want to get your book out to your audience, a more innovative method is required. This is where Infinitum Publishing comes in.


We are professional graphic designers that will develop a unique look and feel for your book rather than the generic designs that sit on the shelves of a typical book store. Our books all have dynamic covers, strong typography and effective layouts.


All manuscripts will be formatted to create print-ready files in Adobe InDesign to be set up with our printers.


Using some of the largest distribution outlets and wholesalers, we get your books out to retail markets in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia as well as all major online retail outlets such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In the US, our distribution channels include Ingram and Baker & Taylor.


We can provide consultation in promoting all books through the design of marketing materials such as posters, bookmarks and websites, assisting in PR and getting the word out to media, and developing custom marketing plans that best suits your book’s promotional needs.


Ebooks are the wave of the future for readers and it is essential to have your books readily available digitally for the Kindle and iPad. We can format your manuscript and setup the title to facilitate these mediums to reach an even larger global audience.